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FD TUBE Bundle

The FD BUNDLE PACK plug-ins are technically two-band Tube EQs with low-shelf and high-shelf controls. it’s possible that you can create unique and musical EQ curves.

Make your bass sound better than ever!

Heavy and Big

Lower frequencies require larger instruments to produce them, and larger amplifiers and speakers to push them.

Tone control

Adjust your tone in a broad sense, from a thick, boomy sound to a thin, light, delicate sound, and everything in between.


However, there are some special considerations when applying effects to bass. The most important consideration is frequency-based effects, most notably wah-wah. Effects that are designed for guitar will at times not work on bass, but GISTORTION was built for your bass!



Smoothness and transparency

The inherently rich and colorful tone of the BeComp helps glue tracks together. The BeComp is the thickest and heavy sounding compressor/limiters. it's also quite handy for pumping up individual tracks. It comes in mono, mono -to- stereo and stereo versions.


Belle Filter is a simple the world’s most desirable console module.

  • Based on the vintage HLS console module,
  • Band-stop filter,
  • Rare Q factor,

Belle Filter is a FREE Product. [List $29]

Babelson Audio

Innovative, high quality audio processing plug-ins. Babelson Audio plugins are used by professionals worldwide for mixing Music, Film, Television [Netflix, HBO, Amazon], Radio.

Babelson plugins are now affordable with the progressive pricing policy.

Each plugin you buy you'll receive an accumulating 10% off the next one starting at 20% off. A third is 30% off and so on. You'll find the highest discount rates applied to the priciest plugins in your cart!



Rectangular probability density function (RPDF) dither noise has a uniform distribution; any value in the specified range has the same probability of occurring.

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Why have you not heard of Babelson Audio?

Do not blame yourself for not knowing the Babelson Audio. We are brand “new”. Our company is officially entering the music industry business on January 18 2019. Babelson Audio is an innovative audio software company founded in 2006 by Thomas Ceyhan.

Babelson Plug-ins now available through iLok Cloud

No iLok? Aucun problème! Babelson Audio now offers iLok Cloud support. Also Supports iLok2 & iLok3 Authorization