If you downloaded or bought any of our product, thank you for being part of Babelson Audio. We’re grateful for your support and the creative work you’re making. Sending our best in these very strange times. Babelson Audio is here with you.

character | colour | creativity

→ Spend less time learning different GUIs and more time creating.
→ Stay more easily in a productive flow state, minimising the creative friction caused by switching between different plugin designs.
→ Simplicity with simple component.
→ Sound is more important than numbers of knobs.
→ Trust your ears more than your eyes.

Analog chorus-flanger-vibrato plugin,

Proxima D, a legendary audio effect and it’s a natural sounding chorus. It’s great for synths, keyboards, guitars in particular. I guess the most powerful and thick chorus you have ever heard.

analog delay

DelFeed,  a real old school solid-state analog delay effect like ping-pong delay, slap-back echo….

Make your bass sound better than ever!

Heavy and Big

Lower frequencies require larger instruments to produce them, and larger amplifiers and speakers to push them.

Tone control

Adjust your tone in a broad sense, from a thick, boomy sound to a thin, light, delicate sound, and everything in between.


However, there are some special considerations when applying effects to bass. The most important consideration is frequency-based effects, most notably wah-wah. Effects that are designed for guitar will at times not work on bass, but GISTORTION was built for your bass!


a unique bass | guitar | keys effect


Jason Boyer

Producer, Mixing engineer

DelFeed is not just a delay plug-in - it adds magic to your sound!


Serge Chauvet

Musician, Mixing engineer

Musician Bundle is a wonderful collection of plugins such unique and engaging character, they are most importantly fun to use!!


Marlène Jolibert

Producer, Musician

C-78 is always my favorite plug in by Babelson Audio.


Tom Jr. Tomson

Bassist, Mixing engineer

This FD bundle is absolutely fantastic!

Babelson Audio

Innovative, high quality audio processing plug-ins. Babelson Audio plugins are used by professionals worldwide for mixing Music, Film, Television [Netflix, HBO, Amazon], Radio.


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Launch the iLok License Manager app. Click the “..I” button to view the prompt. Enter your code and click Next.


Why have you not heard of Babelson Audio?

Do not blame yourself for not knowing the Babelson Audio. We are brand “new”. Our company is officially entering the music industry business on January 18 2019. Babelson Audio is an innovative audio software company founded in 2006 by Thomas Ceyhan.

Babelson Plug-ins now available through iLok Cloud

No iLok? Aucun problème! Babelson Audio now offers iLok Cloud support. Also Supports iLok2 & iLok3 Authorization