Babelson license activation instructionCategory: activationBabelson license activation instruction
AvatarBabelson Audio Staff asked 9 months ago
When you purchase a plug-in on our site, your license will be sent to your iLok account* so you will need activate your license through iLok License Manager…

if you get any error please feel free to contact me here!

Activating a license:

  1. Launch the iLok License Manager application and log-in
  2. Click on your username
  3. Right-click on the license and select activate
  4. Follow the prompt to select the activation location and complete the activation.

The tab across the top shows you 5 views of your iLok account:

All Licenses; Shows all of the licenses in your account, activated and not activated

Available; Shows the licenses eligible for activation

All Activations; Shows only your activated licenses

Unavailable; Shows expired licenses

Hidden,  Shows licenses hidden by user(you)


*: Gistortion, FD Bundle, Musician Bundle come with an iLok activation code, which you use in conjunction with the iLok License Manager to put an appropriate license into your iLok Account.