Using AU and VST plug-ins in Ableton Live! AU or VST?Category: Audio UnitsUsing AU and VST plug-ins in Ableton Live! AU or VST?
AvatarBabelson Audio Staff asked 9 months ago
As you know Ableton Live on Mac supports both the AU and VST3 formats. But keeping in mind that:

  • For Windows users VST is cross platform. Provided the other Ableton Live user is using the same version of the plug-in, so they’ll be able to open the set and the plug-ins will be available,
  • AU plug-ins may have different preset handling than the VST3, or vice versa,
  • AU plug-ins do not support a direct MIDI out. If you wish to route MIDI from a plug-in you need to use the VST3 version instead,
  • Please don’t use the AU and VST3 versions of the same plug-in in a Live set.

Turn the plug-in folder off 

  • Open Live’s Preferences to Plug-ins and check under “Plug-In Sources“,
  • Disable the AudioUnit plug-on folder,