• P&R | Miracle Bundle [French]
    Babelson | Miracle Bundle ? Ce nom ne vous dit rien ? Pas de panique, TOP DEMO est là pour vous éclairer!
    11 November 2020, 22:55
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  • AudioUnits(AU) on MacOS 10.15 [Catalina]
    To get AU plug-ins working on Catalina, developers of third-party Audio Unit plugins need to issue updates. Once the software is properly updated, the plugins will again work as expected on Catalina. You should be sure you've got the latest versions for all your Audio Units. If you have a third-party Audio Unit which does not work on Catalina, you should check with the developer to see if they have an update, and to request one if they don't.
    24 June 2020, 17:01
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  • Dean Stairs
    Dean Stairs is an award winning musician with a top tier record of Production Engineering and Musicianship.
    03 April 2020, 02:47
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  • Leif Johansen
    Bassist, producer, keyboardist, songwriter, engineer, based in Oslo, Norway. Owner of Stable Studios, Oslo.
    02 April 2020, 00:01
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  • Babelson Audio [French]
    Bonjour à tous, voici l’article que nous avait préparé Fabrice Chantôme sur la news de Mars concernant le développeur de plugin Babelson Audio.
    26 March 2020, 14:42
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  • Dither
    Rectangular probability density function (RPDF) dither noise has a uniform...
    29 December 2019, 15:05
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