forum-usersCategory: InstallationInstaller doesn’t show control buttons and menu items on MacOS Catalina
AvatarBabelson Audio asked 3 weeks ago

Product: Product Installer

Reported: Control buttons and menu items are invisible in dark mode while installing my plug-ins!

System Info: MacOS Catalina

Fix: Just enable SIP everything will work as usual! On macOS Catalina, you probably can’t modify anything in System it’s because the system components are on a specific volume that is read-only -even- when SIP is disabled.

How to Enable SIP | System Integrity Protection on Mac?

  • Restart the Mac by going to the  Apple menu and choosing “Restart”,
  • Upon reboot, immediately hold down COMMAND + R keys concurrently and continue holding those keys until you see the  Apple logo and a little loading indicator to start booting into Recovery Mode,
  • At the “macOS Utilities” (or “OS X Utilities”) screen, pull down the “Utilities” menu and choose “Terminal”,
  • In the Terminal window, type the following command syntax at the command line prompt: csrutil enable; reboot,
  • Hit the return/enter key to execute the command to enable SIP and then reboot the Mac again,
  • The Mac will now reboot as usual, starting back up with SIP enabled again.