forum-usersCategory: iLokMy Babelson Plug-in is missing in my DAW
AvatarBabelson Audio asked 5 months ago

If your Babelson Audio plug-in is missing in your DAW

  1. Check and make sure that your DAW supports our Plug-ins: MacOS Compatibility and Windows Compatibility,
  2. Install the latest version of the iLok Licence Manager,
  3. Open and sign into the iLok Licence Manager, connect your iLok, Cloud, Computer, and make sure that it’s shown in the list,
  4. Check your license and make sure that your licence has been activated to your iLok,
  5. Right-click your iLok and select Synchronize. This will resolve any issues between your account and the iLok key.
  6. Launch your DAW and check whether your Babelson Audio plug-ins are available to use!

If your plug-in is still missing so it’s possible that you need to delete your DAW‘ cache files…

Have a look the DAW REGULATOR

The Regulator is a tool that deletes DAW caches, plist files and preferences quickly and easily.