NEWS | 2020

Babelson Plugins Supported in Harrison Mixbus32-C

We are pleased to announce that all Babelson Audio plugins are now fully supported in the

  • Mixbus32-C V6

Babelson Plugins Supported in Samplitude

We are pleased to announce that all Babelson Audio plugins are now fully supported in the 

  • Samplitude Pro X4 Suite [VST3]
  • Samplitude Pro X 365 [VST3]
  • Samplitude Pro X4 [VST3] 
NEW Product release: BeComp

Based transformer-coupled circuits, Bridge-driver,

The inherently rich and colorful tone of the BeComp helps glue tracks together. The BeComp is the thickest and heavy sounding compressor/limiters. it’s also quite handy for pumping up individual tracks. It comes in mono, mono -to- stereo and stereo versions.

Now you can buy or rent Gistortion on Avid Marketplace. 

Authentic tube-sound!

Gistortion is a unique bass/guitar effect. It will add colour and flavor to your guitar and bass. It will also enhance the place of your guitar and bass in your mixes. Download a demo and try it out.

New release: H.L.S Drive 

H.L.S Drive is based closely on the Type 69 EQ which is very musical. It’ll be a secret weapon of your sessions!

  • Saturate and produce harmonics,
  • Adds distortion characteristics and warmth,
  • British transformer sound,
C-78: Version 1.1.3 Build 130120
1️⃣ Fixed #1025511: Output meter doesn’t respond correctly to output gain changes.
2️⃣ Fixed#1825017: Weird corrupted sound processing when moving C-78 between Aux channels in Pro Tools.
3️⃣ Fixed#1026809: Stability, performance in Cubase and Nuendo.
4️⃣ Fixed#1721802: Bypassing C-78 at 88kHz introduces latency.
5️⃣Various other fixes and improvements.

Babelson Audio plugins are now affordable with the progressive pricing policy.

Each plugin you buy you’ll receive an accumulating 10% off the next one starting at 20% off. A third is 30% off and so on. You’ll find the highest discount rates applied to the priciest plugins in your cart!

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