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Leif Johansen

Musician, Producer, Mixing engineer

I am floored by the quality of the Babelson plug ins!!!

Dean Stairs

Producer, Mixing engineer

B-Comp has a very musical and warm tone that makes instruments seem to “sit” well in the mix. I find it to be very adaptable with the various diode settings and the detail of the settings. It combines the best of vintage gear with the “tweakability” of modern digital audio processing. B-comp works particularly well on overheads and electric guitars where the vintage warmth and character serve to provide a great tone as well as transient control.

Suzuki Terunobu

Musician, Mixing engineer

サチュレーションプラグインは何個も持っていて損はないと思います、その中でもこのFDNシリーズは出番が多いです! 3種類あって、ソースや作りたい音色に合わせて使えるのでできれば3つとも買いましょう! 何よりプラグインをインサートするだけでマリンエアートランスの音色を得ることができますし、もっとクリエイティビティな音作りもできます! FD3Nが一番好きです。


Musician, Mixing engineer

I just purchased the FD2N Tube Eq and saturation plugin and it is simply stunning. Beautiful tube drive, from slight to a really great cranked tone. The eq is easy to dial in and put the icing on the cake. I'm using my Tele into a Fender amp sim, then to a vintage tube mic preamp plugin, then into a Babelson Audio B-COMP, and finally the FD2N and it is perfect. One of the essential tools from now on for me.

Jason Boyer

Producer, Mixing engineer

DelFeed is not just a delay plug-in - it adds magic to your sound

Marlène Jolibert

Producer, Musician

C-78 is always my favorite plug in by Babelson Audio.

Tom Jr. Tomson

Bassist, Mixing engineer

This FD bundle is absolutely fantastic!

Serge Chauvet

Musician, Mixing engineer

Musician Bundle is a wonderful collection of plugins such unique and engaging character, they are most importantly fun to use!!