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Proxima D

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The Proxima D is a legendary audio effect and it’s a natural sounding chorus. If you want more dimension sound so here it is. It’s great for synths, keyboards, guitars in particular. I guess the most powerful and thick chorus you have ever heard.


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  • Any 64bit support Mac Computers MacOS 10.10 or higher,
  • AAX versions require Pro Tools 11.1.3 or higher,
  • VST versions recommended for Cubase 7.x, 8.X, or higher, and Nuendo 6.5 or higher,
  • AU versions recommended for Logic X, or higher,


You will need to install the iLok License Manager(free) on each computer, and you can download it from the iLok website. The iLok License Manager requires one of the following operating systems: For Mac: Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or above . Before you’re able to launch software protected by iLok, the iLok License Manager app will need to see that there is a valid license present on your system.  No iLok required!

Yes, you can! Babelson products can be activated to your 

  • computer, 
  • iLok USB key, 
  • or iLok Cloud,

You can activate your version license on up to two devices at a time. {which should be a iLok USB key or a computer}.