BaB Drive M4B DEMO


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The M4B adds warmth and pleasing harmonics to a drum, vocal synth, bass or guitar part ‘soul’ in the mix

BaB Drive M4B DEMO

The M4B adds warmth and pleasing harmonics to a drum, vocal synth, bass or guitar part ‘soul’ in the mix





BaB Drive M4B

The M4B adds warmth and pleasing harmonics to a drum, vocal synth, bass or guitar part ‘soul’ in the mix. The plugin sports unique M/S processing, letting the saturation apply either in stereo or to the mid or sides separately. The M4B also gives you flexible control over the crossover frequencies.

Light it up

Audio saturation plays a significant role in music production. Applying saturation to single tracks, groups, and the master channel will improve your mix. Even more, it adds that desired analog character.

Saturation is a subtle form of distortion that adds pleasant-sounding harmonics. The effect originates from the analog days when audio recordings ran through various pieces of hardware. Mix engineers discovered they could overload magnetic tape machines, tube amps, and transistor-based preamps to create a type of “soft-clipping.” This technique gave recordings sought-after qualities that sounded pleasing.

The M4B emulates the sound of audio recorded through tape machines. The plugin introduces odd order harmonics, subtle compression, and non-linear shifts in frequency response. The M4B also rolls off high-end frequencies and creates a small boost in the lows. Moreover, it rounds off transient peaks, creating a form of compression that smooths out the signal.

The M4B is sounding musical, warm, punchy and It also adds dimension, fatness and depth to your mix.

  • Adjust the volume of the harmony 
  • Add saturation in different frequency bands
  • Generate and create harmonics
  • Musical, warm, punchy 
  • Fatness and depth 
  • Unique M/S processing
  • Per channel Solo, Mute, Internal SC control
Ashley Slater

I've played with this on a few drum loops, bass parts, vocal groups, pretty much anything and it is fantastic. I've never come across anything quite like it before, but this is going to be my go to plug-in for a LONG time!

James Kohen

Babelson M4B is my new favorite plug-in. I love it! another great tool for mixing and mastering. I’m in love!!!!!!! Thanks Tom you ARE the BEST!

William Needham

This is a beautiful plugin! Very smooth. Four bands with mid/side makes it extremely versatile. It just sounds great.


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