Babelson BBCMP I-LA is Multiband Compressor and harmonic enhancer plugin. It’s a multiband compressor is essentially an EQ and a compressor in one.


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The I-LA compressor splits the frequency spectrum into separate bands. Each frequency band also has dedicated compression settings. Applying different amounts of compression to the separate frequency ranges gives you more control.

  • Multiband compressor plugin
  • Individual band listen mode
  • Dynamic EQ, compression | Limiter controls per band
  • Mid-Side processing
  • Zero latency and low CPU consumption
  • Super-fast peak response(Input VU Meter)

Yes, You will need to Download and install purchased version. If you purchased an individual product instead of the full bundle after running DEMO Bundle so I suggest an uninstall/reinstall to get all of the other plug-ins off of your system.

Yes! All of Babelson shipping plug-ins/Applications can be activated to your: 

  • Computer, 
  • iLok USB key, 
  • or iLok Cloud,

You can activate your version license on up to two devices at a time. {which should be a iLok USB key or a computer}.

2 reviews for BBCMP I-LA

  1. Avatar

    Fabrice Chantôme

    One more time, Babelson audio has done it! Making sophisticated audio processing extremely easy to use and musically satisfying… After a minute or two I was in love with I-LA though I don’t like much “normal” multi-band compressors… but this one is a different beast. Just play with the drive parameter, listen to individual bands, Mid or Side, with the convenient Solo feature and prepare to smile like a young lover! I-LA is a unique audio tool and definitely a “must -have” like other Babelson products such as HLS Drive, FDN Eq, or Becomp.

  2. Avatar

    Chérif Lahoubi (verified owner)

    very often we are stuck in a mix for many reasons. we need plugins that can give life to our sound like the BBCMP I-LA it is not only a tool but a life changer when it comes to get your mixes to the next level ! thank you Babelson audio !

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