FD3N U.S.A Edition DEMO


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The FD3N is technically a two-band Tube EQ with low-shelf and high-shelf controls. it’s possible that you can create unique and musical EQ curves.

FD3N U.S.A Edition DEMO

The FD3N is technically a two-band Tube EQ with low-shelf and high-shelf controls. it’s possible that you can create unique and musical EQ curves.






Fullness Tube equalizer & Saturator



This part was innovated by using the Vintage Marinair input Transformer*.

The driver is adding a very subtle and pleasing harmonic distortion to the signal. This ends up boosting the harmonics above the normal range you expect to hear which creates a sense of fullness. When an entire song has each track featuring this warmth, you get an extremely full sound.

The DRIVE gives you far more options than a regular EQ. As always, experiment to achieve your own unique sounds. The FDN TUBE EQs will provide a lifetime of musical pleasure!

Tubes : 12AX7 Tube, Classic tube, Warm tube, Class A Tube, Vintage tube, Dirty vintage tube

*The Marinair Transformer has special sonic characteristic and harmonic distortion so you can quickly colour your sound with warmth and detail.


Warm sound

Tube EQ has a reputation for a warm sound produced by the introduction of even-order- harmonic distortion. Even-and odd-order harmonics are related to the overtone series that gives instruments their particular timbre. FDN series can emulate several types of guitar amplifiers and shape the overdrive sound.

Even and odd harmonics

Even- order harmonics produce smooth, musical characteristics as opposed to odd- order harmonics, which tend to sound harsh. FD1/2/3N ‘ tend to introduce some degree of even-order harmonic distortion that produces a “warming” effect by thickening the overtones of the original signal.


Even harmonics are some number of octaves above the original note. Examples (for A at 440 Hz)2nd harmonic:  880 Hz — up one octave 4th harmonic:  1760 Hz — up two octaves The 3rd odd harmonic is an octave plus a fifth above the fundamental.3rd harmonic:  1320 Hz — E above the A at 880 Hz. 

Suzuki Terunobu
Suzuki Terunobu
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サチュレーションプラグインは何個も持っていて損はないと思います、その中でもこのFDNシリーズは出番が多いです! 3種類あって、ソースや作りたい音色に合わせて使えるのでできれば3つとも買いましょう! 何よりプラグインをインサートするだけでマリンエアートランスの音色を得ることができますし、もっとクリエイティビティな音作りもできます! FD3Nが一番好きです。
Suzuki Terunobu
I've had the FD2N for a few weeks and it is excellent for adding tube harmonics and distortion...then tweaking with nice tube eq. I just got the FD3N and it has more grit and raunch for say adding slight tube saturation to full-blown overdrive to an amp sim. I also think it's amazing on a vocal to give you that pushing/clipping the red on a vintage tube mixing desk. Highly recommended company, the compressors are first class as well. The owner and developer, Tom, is one of the best and also a great guy to deal with...
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