Post-Prod Bundle


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The Post Prod Bundle an amazing tool for shaping sounds in music mixes and it’s invaluable and a huge time-saver in post production sound design.

Post-Prod Bundle
Post-Prod Bundle

The Post Prod Bundle an amazing tool for shaping sounds in music mixes and it’s invaluable and a huge time-saver in post production sound design.





C-78 is a new transparent Compressor and Limiter. it does a great job at controlling and smoothing everything out…

  • Easy-to-use GUI,
  • Attack/Recovery : achieve excellent results,
  • Electro-optical characteristic,
  • Ratio settings from 1:1 to 20:1,
  • Soft Knee,
  • Broadcast quality Limiter,
  • Meters: GR | VU in | VU Out,
  • Stereo Link: panning to hard left and hard right respectively,

Turning the LOW, HIGH or INPUT controls clockwise (CW), increases the level of each respective range. Keeping each control at maximum counter-clockwise (CCW), or OFF, attenuates the input signal by about 20 dBs.

Tubes : Reflektor, SED SPb/J.S.C. Svetlana, Ulyanov, JSC Voskhod, and Novosibirsk.

Even and odd harmonics

Even- order harmonics produce smooth, musical characteristics as opposed to odd- order harmonics, which tend to sound harsh. FD1/2/3N ‘ tend to introduce some degree of even-order harmonic distortion that produces a “warming” effect by thickening the overtones of the original signal.

The H.L.S Drive plug-in amazingly emulates the rich-sounding Tube saturation behaviors that keep radical EQ moves sounding ultra-musical, even at extreme settings. It is based closely on the Type 69 EQ which is very musical. Add character and clean up a mix with H.L.S Drive.

There are many factors that combine to create character in recording and mixing, ranging from instruments, VI instruments, musicians, performances, through the room and mic used, to the preamps, processors and effects! You will add character and clean up a mix with H.L.S Drive

In developing the H.L.S Drive plug-in we dug three original Type 69 EQ units and built a new unit from the original ones. 

The Level Control is an advanced mix monitoring plug-in with a volume control, selection channels (stereo | Left | Right), DIM and level metering.


  • RMS-based scales with an integrated sample peak meters,
  • Easy and intuitive user interface.
  • Mute function,
  • 64-bit internal processing,
  • Simplicity with simple component,

Proxima D, a legendary audio effect and it’s a natural sounding chorus. It’s great for synths, keyboards, guitars in particular. I guess the most powerful and thick chorus you have ever heard.

  • Analog chorus, flanger, vibrato plugin,
  • Unique delay time,
  • Super easy interface,

DelFeed,  a real old school solid-state analog delay* effect like ping-pong delay, slap-back echo….

    • Analog delay plugin,
    • Up to 2000 ms delay time,  
    • Infinite feedback,
    • Super easy interface,

    *Solid-State Analog Delay Technology: the mid ’70s onward was the so-called “bucket-brigade dela

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    Holder Dufour

    I was waiting for this for long time. cheers from LA

    June 30, 2020

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Yes, You will need to Download and install purchased version. If you purchased an individual product instead of the full bundle after running DEMO Bundle so I suggest an uninstall/reinstall to get all of the other plug-ins off of your system.

Yes! All of Babelson shipping plug-ins/Applications can be activated to your: 

  • Computer, 
  • iLok USB key, 
  • or iLok Cloud,

You can activate your version license on up to two devices at a time. {which should be a iLok USB key or a computer}.