Warmth Bundle

The Babelson Audio’s most popular plugin bundle, Warmth Bundle brings a wealth of mixing power to your studio. The Bundle contains all the essentials you need to take your mixes to the next level.


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The inherently rich and colorful tone of the BeComp helps glue tracks together. The BeComp is the thickest and heavy sounding compressor/limiters. it’s also quite handy for pumping up individual tracks. It comes in mono, mono -to- stereo and stereo versions.

  • Based: Transformer-coupled circuits, Bridge-driver,
  • Controls dynamics without introducing obvious simply artifacts,
  • A built-in limiter with fast setting,
  • Controls dynamics without compulsively changing the original sound,

The driver is adding a very subtle and pleasing harmonic distortion to the signal. This ends up boosting the harmonics above the normal range you expect to hear which creates a sense of fullness. When an entire song has each track featuring this warmth, you get an extremely full sound.

The DRIVE gives you far more options than a regular EQ. As always, experiment to achieve your own unique sounds. The FDN TUBE EQs will provide a lifetime of musical pleasure!

Tubes : 12AX7 Tube, Classic tube, Warm tube, Class A Tube, Vintage tube, Dirty vintage tube

Authentic Tube-Sound!

Heavy and Big Lower frequencies require larger instruments to produce them, and larger amplifiers and speakers to push them.

Tone Control Adjust your tone in a broad sense, from a thick, boomy sound to a thin, light, delicate sound, and everything in between.
Design However, there are some special considerations when applying effects to bass. The most important consideration is frequency-based effects, most notably wah-wah. Effects that are designed for guitar will at times not work on bass, but GISTORTION was built for your bass!

The Level Control is an advanced mix monitoring plug-in with a volume control, selection channels (stereo | Left | Right), DIM and level metering.


  • RMS-based scales with an integrated sample peak meters,
  • Easy and intuitive user interface.
  • Mute function,
  • 64-bit internal processing,
  • Simplicity with simple component,

Proxima D, a legendary audio effect and it’s a natural sounding chorus. It’s great for synths, keyboards, guitars in particular. I guess the most powerful and thick chorus you have ever heard.

  • Analog chorus, flanger, vibrato plugin,
  • Unique delay time,
  • Super easy interface,

Yes! All of Babelson shipping plug-ins/Applications can be activated to your: 

  • Computer, 
  • iLok USB key, 
  • or iLok Cloud,

You can activate your version license on up to two devices at a time. {which should be a iLok USB key or a computer}.

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