Suddenly PT won’t load Plug-Ins because not valid 64-bit

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Suddenly PT won't load Plug-Ins because not valid 64-bit


1.Suddenly on booting up a session I had a AAE 7058 unauthorised plugin error.

2. I just used TimeMachine and rolled back 2 days before the problem started.


I have a few plug-ins that won’t load because “they aren’t valid 64bit” ?

The only thing that’s changed is I upgraded my iPhone to iSO13* 

  • iMac 2018
  • OS 10.12.6 ,
  • Pro Tools 12.7.1, 12.8.3, PT 2018, PT 2019.6.0

Fix on Sierra:

  1. Re-installing iLok License Manager (Download the latest version)
  2. Install available updates in App Store (updates available related to iTunes)
  3. Upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra and the problem magically goes away

Fix on Mojave:

  1. Re-installing iLok License Manager (Download the latest version)
  2. Launch the Terminal (from Applications > Utilities), and then copy and paste this command and press Return: tmutil listlocalsnapshots /
  3. The Terminal will show a list of local snapshots with names like:
  4. To remove a snapshot:
  5. Copy and paste this command: sudo tmutil deletelocalsnapshots
  6. Type a space and then paste in the date portion of the snapshot.
  7. Press Return, and finally press Return.
  8. Altogether, using the example snapshot above, that looks like: sudo tmutil deletelocalsnapshots 2018-03-01-002010
  9. If it deletes properly, you’ll see Delete local snapshot ‘2018-03-01-002010‘ in the Terminal as the response.
  10. Open iLok License Manager
  11. Deactivate Babelson Audio plug-in( or what else )
  12. Start Pro Tools
  13. Reactivate all Babelson Audio plug-ins
  14. Bingo! That’s it…

*Avid Confirm Issue With macOS Sierra, iOS 13 And Pro Tools:

“As we continue to work towards full compatibility with Apple’s iOS 13, we wanted to alert you to an issue we’ve uncovered with iOS 13 devices connected to Mac computers running macOS Sierra (10.12). If you connect your iOS 13 device to your Mac running macOS Sierra, certain plugins may become deactivated.

If you have upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13 and are running macOS Sierra on your Pro Tools computer, please be advised to not connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac until we have resolved this issue. Alternatively, you may choose to upgrade your macOS to High Sierra (10.13) or later to avoid the issue.

Thank you for your patience as we are working closely with Apple to address this issue with urgency. For the latest updates and information please visit the Knowledgebase.”

Babelson Audio
Babelson Audio

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