Thomas Ceyhan


born on: January 02, 1976
lives in: France
education: Cinema and Art school
phone: +33678935033

A singer and multi-instrumentalist currently living in Toulouse, France, Thomas Ümit Ceyhan is a native of Turkey, schooled in the traditional music of Anatolia. A true renaissance man, with a background in sound engineering, instrument making and film direction, Ümit currently works as a performing Software developer, musician and composer, as well as a teacher of the sonic and cinematic arts at the University of Toulouse...

Your eyes can deceive you so Trust Your Ears When Mixing Sound.

I was working for Waves Audio and I’ve decided to create my own Audio plug-ins and Applications.

  • Technical services.
  • Organising and creating educational material for Waves DiGiGrid.
  • Training and demonstration for Waves SoundGrid and DiGiGrid.
  • Hardware and Software testing
  • Support for demos and trade-shows.

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